Remote HotSpot Operator

Remotely manage, generate accounts and get real time statistics and reports

What is Remote HotSpot Operator ?

The Remote HotSpot Operator is a software add-on which helps you perform desired actions remotely. It is designed for enterprises needing to provide multiple hotspot retail points, spread over a larger area such as holiday resorts and hotels, hospitals etc.

While Antamedia Hotspot is an Internet gateway system which runs your network, meters bandwidth and controls access, HotSpot Operator provides extra points where your guests can obtain tickets for Internet access.

By connecting to the same database, everything is kept simple and consistent. If someone obtains authorization at one place, such as your swimming pool, they can continue using it anywhere you have coverage, with the same login and account level.

What are the benefits?

The most important aspect of additional HotSpot Operator is convenience for your guests, avoiding queues and making full use of the wireless technology. While online registration is possible, many guests will prefer to deal with a human, especially the first time. There are of course, benefits for you:

  • Hotel reception can generate accounts while main HotSpot is located in a secure place (such as a server room)
  • Allows remote operators to generate accounts without access to sensitive data or main software settings
  • You can install HotSpot Operator software in multiple areas, effectively connecting the entire resort or similar enterprise to one network, yet retaining centralized control
  • Protects your main HotSpot gateway installation from human activities that can cause downtime like accidental reboots, switching off, unplugging by cleaners etc.
  • Keeps your main installation in a clean, safe environment for reliability, preventing viruses or bad software lowering bandwidth or destabilizing the system
  • More profit opportunities

Includes management tools for administrators

As the main Administrator (with password) you can use it to generate, modify or delete accounts, view bills and statistics, generate reports, make new employee accounts, configure price plans, send email notifications (account expiry or maintenance reminders) and generally monitor activity.

If you run a chain of hotels or similar, you can perform such monitoring from anywhere that is connected to your network, even from a different city or country.

Friendly Interface

The user interface is very simple and easy, and is designed for seasonal or less experienced staff. Accounts are generated in 3 easy steps:

1. Choose Price Plan
2. Choose number of the accounts to generate
3. Click ‘Generate’ button!

Hotspot’s user interface is touch screen friendly with large buttons, and several layouts available

Setup instructions:
Download, run installer, click the Custom install,
Install HotSpot Operator, run and connect to the main database server.


We’ve implemented HotSpot solution with several Operator desks. So far, Hotel management is satisfied and staff likes single click for ticket printing.

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