Digital Guide

IMPROVE your guest experience
BOOKING activites and restaurants
ONLINE STORE sell products & merch
CONCIERGE check-in & room requests

Digital Guide

IMPROVE your guest experience
BOOKING activites and restaurants
ONLINE STORE sell products & merch
CONCIERGE check-in & room requests

Guest Experience Platform

Traditional hospitality was all about making guests feel welcomed and appreciated but that is no longer enough.

Since guest expectations have never been higher, it’s up to you to meet them by offering instant contactless access to the services available at your enterprise.

Digital Guide is a guest experience platform that will help you increase guest satisfaction, sell more, and focus on things that matter.

Guests may book desired experiences and restaurants, request amenities and housekeeping, check-in before arrival and buy merchandise from an integrated online store.

Digital Guide is a Web App, managed through the cloud portal. Customers can access it on their mobile phones, tablets or laptops.

It can be used for hotels, resorts, restaurants, but also as a city guide, airport guide, or business product showcase with an integrated shopping cart.

An intuitive and easy-to-use dashboard allows you to easily configure, modify, add or remove content from the platform.

Digital Guide is a contactless hospitality solution that helps create a seamless and personalized guest experience, without needing an app download or installing anything on a guest phone.

Guests can access all of the information they need from the comfort of their own devices.

From restaurant menus and recommendations, web store, check-in, to room service options, amenities and experience bookings, guests can explore curated experiences tailored to their needs without having to interact with any staff members in person.

  • Create a web store directly on the Digital Guide platform to sell items from shops.
  • Invite guests to Check-in online and save time by avoiding the check-in queues.
  • Save your staff time by enabling amenities bookings.
  • Inform guests about various experiences available in your area (tours, excursions…)

  • Show nearby restaurants. Let guests choose and book the desired restaurant.
  • Upsell additional services that you offer to the guests.


Discover the world around you!

Our interactive Digital Guide curates the best experiences available in local area, from tours and excursions to cultural events and more.

With Digital Guide, your guests can explore nearby attractions as if they were local, without all the hassle of planning.

Elevate your guest experience and give them the freedom to book excursions, tours, spa and other activities from their own mobile device.

Your partner vendors and agencies will serve booked guests while sharing the revenue with you.


Best dining experience!

The Digital Guide assists guests in locating nearby restaurants by providing them with relevant information such as menus, prices, operating
hours, and map-based directions.

Guests can quickly and easily book a restaurant that matches their preferences, saving them time and effort, which is especially beneficial for travelers who are unfamiliar with the area.

Guests can plan ahead their dining experiences by browsing menus and making reservations which brings less unpleasant surprises and more income.


Digital Guide is your digital assistant and concierge, that automates communication with your guests for room services, requests for amenities, housekeeping, transport and rental options.

It reduces calls and front desk load, while providing comfort of communication through their mobile phone or laptop.

Service requests can be routed to appropriate person which reduces wait times.


Online store allows customers to buy products and merchandise at any time and place.

From hotel amenities and travel essentials to restaurant merchandise and gifts, your store will work 24/7.

Our team will work with you to create a unique shopping experience that reflects your brand’s personality.

You’ll manage content, add new products and variations you wish to sell.

Purchased items can be paid with credit card though gateways like Stripe and PayPal, or added to the bill though PMS integration.


Allow guests to check-in remotely before arriving at the property, to save time and reduce queues and workload at the front desk.

Collect additional guest preferences to personalize their experience and upsell during the check-in process.

Digital signature will increase security, eliminate manual signatures, reduce paperwork, ensure legal compliance and consent with marketing activities.

Digital Guide QR code

Sending a Digital Guide to your guests is the perfect way to welcome them to your property.

You can provide guests with all the necessary information they need in one place – from booking details to local points of interest and activities, and encourage them to do Check-in and save time.

When guests arrive, they can access Guide through QR code, positioned in the room, lobby, pool and other places, making your services always available.


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Digital Guide for any scenario

With Digital Guide platform, you can quickly create beautiful digital guides for any scenario, or use our pre-made templates to get started right away.

Templates can be easily edited and personalized to fit your needs, with customization of the images, texts, videos, check boxes and custom html.

Menus and categories can be renamed to suite any purpose, from hotels and restaurants, to city guides, business products showcase and more.

By combining a store and digital guide, businesses can offer a more personalized experience by tracking guest’s purchases and preferences.

Cloud WiFi Integration

Antamedia Cloud WiFi system makes it easy to switch between WiFi Portal and Digital Guide platforms, so you can manage your WiFi network and create Digital Guides with ease.

When guests connect to your WiFi network, a splash page with your logo and background image will appear on their devices.

Guests can choose from multiple login methods like social login, voucher login, OTP, or free access and after clicking Continue button they can enjoy integrated Digital Guide, perfect for keeping them informed and connected.

At any moment guests can click Connect button and start using WiFi

You, as an admin, can access the Digital Guide platform from any browser, on any device.

An intuitive and easy-to-use dashboard allows you to easily configure, modify, add or remove content from the platform.

Create digital guides, experiences, different categories for your products and store…

You can even set a unique subdomain in the Digital Guide URL.

Send this URL to the guest before arrival and invite them to Check-in or book experiences in advance.

The next-gen page editor will help you easily create beautiful Digital Guide pages.

Easily add new elements on the page like, text, images, YouTube videos, tables, checklists and many more.

Contact us and we’ll build your Digital Guide and help you quickly deploy it

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