Start Hotspot Cloud WiFi System reviews

What our customers said

Personal Experience and Comment : I have used many software which can manage Internet Wireless Hotspot and billing software but I personally like rank Antamedia Hotspot on number 1 as its user friendly to use and easy to manage.
The support is level is very good I like to rank them 5/5 *****
We are using Antamedia from last 4 years almost now and for us its very good software which allows us to control internet bandwidth, generate income, full monitor of users who using and many other option. Its also Fully interface with our Hotel PMS. We are using for our hotel guest and we are not facing any issues with software only our end sometime router don’t work properly or gust laptop have blocked Wifi.I suggest its one of the best software we ever work with for Internet Billing.
Dhaval Pandya, Tanoa Hotels – Fiji
Good day , thank you so much for your assistance, we have completed our second Education center in shopping malls using your software… Your help desk is very professional and assisted promptly !
Brett Eichbauer, Sparrow Computers - South Africa
Your service is and always has been 100%. Thanks for all the help Vladamir and Ivan have given me over the last 9 years i have been using Antamedia Software.
Ray Grant, Oz-Chat Internet Cafe – Australia
The remote setup was extremely helpful and very successful. Thank you for offering this service. We have been using Hotspot without any problems for about 3+ months and it has made our jobs more efficient and a lot easier. We are extremely pleased with your product. Your customer service is top notch, professional, friendly and very knowledgeable. Thanks again.
Scott Bowerman – Information Systems Supervisor, Department of Criminal Justice Training – USA
Version 4 works perfect. Four years now and I am satisfied.
Live chat always helpful.
Theos Fligos, Ionion – Ilias, Greece
We find your software absolutely genious. Congratulations!
Udo G. Hetesy, Germany
The Internet Cafe by Antamedia is the best thing that happen to us!
Jhon Alberto Casas, N3TCafe - Colombia
I am amazed with the speed of your support and how simple everything about this piece of software is. We are very pleased with the program and support we get from you. Keep up the good work!
Gísli Brynjólfsson, Reykjavik - Iceland
I am 100% satisfied with your program !!!
Kapageridis Stavros, MicroNet - Greece

We found a little gem from Serbia…… It is SWEET and PRICED just the way it ought for a small start up……most every option that you could ask for and a few more. After a lot of testing we found it to meet our needs.

Thank you for your GREAT support and fast response. I will definitively promote not only your software but your company also!
Carlos Kennerley, Kampong Kaffe - UK
…i have been looking for the software like yours for a long time.
Samuel, Slovenia
Many options to manage internet cafe, work easy and powerful. Users love it and comeback to use it.
Internet cafe replace it’s price in short time…
Amir Mokhtaryzadeh, Iran
The product is really very good. The front end and server programs make it simple for people to setup and run cafes in no time.
Colm Keating, Ireland
Thanks a lot. We truly appreciate your excellent personal service and we will continue to do business in the future.
Alex Benitez – Santa Tecla, Netexpress Cafe – El Salvador
I reviewed several Cyber Café software and yours was the most friendly and comprehensive!
Jean L Thomas, VisionNet Cyber Cafe – Haiti
Many thanks for your excellent service.
Philip Sexton, Cyber @ Sextons – UK
Thanks a lot for your untiring effort in updating IC. May you remain kindhearted in-spite of your huge success.
Alfredo Pagulayan, QuickSync – Philippines
Your software and the whole programme is wonderfull it is exactly what I wanted and it saves my business time and money and myself too. I ‘m not worrying anything as soon as everything is perfectly working . I know and trust your whole software that the whole job will be done from the server. Since the time I bought your spftware I’m generally very satisfied with it and you must be proud of having such a programme.
Charis Theocharides, C.T. Champs Pool Team – Larnaca – Cyprus
Thanks very much for your software, keep the good work guys.
Michael Corthals, -IT Computers – Australia
May many internet cafes all over the world discover the beauty and easy interactions with Antamedia.
Keisha, City Books Service & Computer Centre – Kingston – Jamaica
Two thumbs up for Antamedia effort, I can’t believe you release new release between Xmas and new year which is awesome. Most people just went to holiday and forget bout all their client, but not you Antamedia. Anyway great job and get your self a vacation.
Fajar Setiawan, Blub – Jakarta – Indonesia
Well done Antamedia for looking after your customers and clients so well.
Lubov, Rooihuiskraal – South Africa

Thanks to Antamedia for software improvements and taking care of customers! Respect!

Our Internet Cafe has been using your software for 8 months now. We are very happy and satisfied with your amazing software.
Ben, Lan Builders Internet Cafe – USA
Eunisha Emerson, U.S.A.
We have been using competitive applications such as (deleted), but yours is really GREAT.
Othman, Switzerland
Having tasted the convenience of your billing system all the other alternatives are simply unacceptable. Also your response to emergencies is truly remarkable. I would urge you to maintain that high customer care standard. Once again bravo !
S B. Nguthi, Kenya
Thanks for a fast reply, i look forward to purchasing you software, after 5+ different products tested, (and some much more expensive) yours is the easiest to setup, use, and functional of all those tested. Keep up the good work!
Paul Sexstone
I have just spent an hour playing with your Internet Cafe software, and I am very impressed. It is by far the best that I have seen to date.
Lee D. Randell
Thanks very much for your software, keep the good work guys.
Michael Corthals, -IT Computers – Australia
I have been understudying various Internet Cafe and HotSpot software for quite some time now and could not but doff my hat for such resource fullness, flexibility and adaptability packed in
both Internet Cafe software and HotSpot software . I must confess that I am yet to come across such comprehensive all-in-one software as yours.
I find ingenuity in every single bit of the software. The more I examine, the more I admit they are such a masterpiece. It’s a magnificent piece of work. Keep up the good work.
Oladapo Olawuyi, CyberAccess – Nigeria
I worked on that project for months, got a location of 3600 square feet, doing construction and about to order those PC. I looked at numerous software, including (Deleted) which allows bypassing the protection on individual station, but I got to tell you, yours is the best and I have my mind fixed on that together with the tables and the monitor.
Lionel Martelly, USA
Ah perfect… just tried it out and its working fantastically.. Now I know why I chose the best Gaming / Net cafe software out there.
Lorne Hammond, Canada
This software looks amazingly, well thought out and executed.
Jeremy Vyska, USA
Dear Antamedia, I would like to thank you for improving the software. It looks like everybody is happy and satisfied with the work you have done, and consider my satisfaction to be the first on the list. It really deserves to be called the number one software. I thank you again and wish you the best success in selling our top software. Much appreciation.
Amer Totounji, GS Internet Cafe – Damascus – Syria
Thank you for the fast reply! Really, you know what service is!!
Sidde Persson, Ceenon Data – Oxie – Sweden
Thanks for your quick response! I appreciate really this. Now I know I am with the right company. My cafe software is working excellently.
Thanks for your kind cooperation.
Abdul Razack, Net Point – Dhaharan – Saudi Arabia
We are your customer for a quite a long period now and we are really enjoying the masterpiece of the software. Thank you again for updating the software to become more user friendly and effective.
Hemed Saleh, HasinaSoft – Zanzibar – Tanzania
I just want to tell that the program internet cafe is one of the most amazing programs for cyber cafes ever seen. Please continue the good work.
Nuno Silva, Salão Pool – Povoa De Varzim – Portugal
Firstly, the product is excellent. I took two standard w2k Pro Pcs, on a workgroup. Loaded the server, then the client, went through the step by step sidebar, and it worked. Tightening the security took ten more minutes. Within 3 hours I was convinced this is an excellent product.
Chris Hiscox, Sound Alliance – USA
This software looks amazingly, well thought out and executed.
Tunde Awofolaju, UK
Thank you. This is by far the best software available. Brilliant.
Lindon, e-Access – Durban – South Africa
Many thanks, you have been very helpful. Thank you for continuing to provide such a great product, service, and support.
Theodore Helbing, Helbing Communications, Inc.- USA
Thanks very much. It is working perfectly with the new program. We are enjoying with great joy the new program.
Rotourco Ltd, Port Mathurin – Rodrigues Island
I ja bih se prikljucio cestitkama. Softver je izvrstan, jednostavan za odrzavanje i sto je najbitnije veoma prijateljski za korisnike. Svaka cast.
Miroslav Ahac, Hrvatska
I appreciate your outstanding support of your products.
Jeff Lane, USA
I am impressed with your software.
Darko, Macedonia
Thank you for your excellent support.
Hugo Landolfi, Argentina
Your software is cool A+++
Fabio, Roma
We have looked around on the market and tried 8 different software for our cafe. Your software is much better then the other ones. Your price is also much more realistic compared to some of your competitors.
Mikael Karlsson, Sweden
I should really congratulation you for the excellent software with almost full utilities covered…
Am highly impressed by the nature of service u give to your customers.
Amit Agrawal, India
Thanks a lot for this good service. I downloaded the registration and the program works just fine. It was a pleasure to do business with you and hope to hear from you soon.
Edward Sedney, Bonaire
I am using your cafe software for a year now, it really works well.
Bashir Jahed, South Africa
I have installed the software. It is really good. I am very happy with it.
Chi Dinh, Australia
You guys are the best no doubt.
Maxitech Wireless, USA
WOW!! WHAT GREAT SERVICE!! Thanks very much guys (and girls) Your help is greatly appreciated.
Stan Pyott, South Africa
I received my package today (Smart Card devices), thank you very much for all your effort. I am very happy to do business with you.
James Gao, Top Tech Inc. – USA
Thanks a lot for genuinely excellent service. Registration went through perfect as always.
Koos Fourie, PostNet – South Africa
By the way, before making this purchase we have tried all the internet cafe software available
but found Internet Cafe to be the only one the came close to covering our requirements. Excellent work.
Johnatan, 2econd Business Enterprise – South Africa
Thank you very much for such excellent support provided by Your company for us, newbies in using of Antamedia Cafe Software. We must say that such quick response, usefulness of advise, and fair attitude toward the customers is amazing. Many of your competitors on the market with software for internet cafes could only look with mouth open on such flexible, versatile, user-friendly, nicely looking, and professionally made software.
Peter Paprskar, Slovakia
Thank you very much for a wonderful service and support looking forward to buy more software from you site.
Gabby Abergel, DVD4africa – South Africa
We are using internet cafe now for a few weeks and i must say i’ts great.
Jurry Fritz, Holland
Thanks very much for this wonderful product. I have successfully registered the product and

its working perfectly well. Thanks to the technical support team who assisted me greatly on

the installation of the demo version. … I intend to get more products from you in the near

I must mention that among all the Internet Cafe downloads I have been trying since last year
Antamedia is so far the most organised and efficient for our purpose the more reason why we have settled on it.

Frank Mushota, Zambia
My readers and cards are working perfectly. I am very happy about the facility. Thanks Antamedia Team. Expecting more and more options and features from Antamedia. Thank You.
Sathish Kumar, Prakasam – India
Your software had enabled us for the proper functioning of the business.
N.Kurra, New Zealand
After 5+ different products tested, (and some much more expensive) yours is the easiest to setup, use, and functional of all those tested.
Paul Sexstone
You people are awesome, great job, fantastic outcome, perfect solution.The security feature is just want I am asking for, and I thank you very much for listening and implementing.
Tunde Awosanya, USA
My most sincere congratulations for one very good application, I could not be happier with it.
Eduardo Toscano, Mexico
Thanks very much for your support. You guys deserve every penny of the cost of the software.
Daniel Morkla, Ghana
I must admit that your after sales and support is very good. Keep working like that. I like it.
Patrick Vandenplas, Belgium
Your professionalism in the way you handle your clients is superb.
Alfredo M. Pagulayan, Philippines
This is the best internet cafe software I have seen on the net, and as my business grows, I hope to increase my business with you.
Edwin Livian, New York - USA
Thank you very much for your support. I appreciate your quick response. I feel proud that I am using your software.
Suseela Chagarlamudi, New Zealand
My readers and cards are working perfectly. I am very happy about the facility. Thanks Antamedia Team. Expecting more and more options and features from Antamedia. Thank You.
Brett Warner, Warners Web Works – Australia
You`re very efficient and fast. The best customer support i`ve ever met. Well done !
Toni Palumbo, Italy
I really like Internet Cafe. It’s the best of any similar product I have tried. The user interface is simple and intuitive. Keep up the great work!
Todd, Latin American Connection – USA
I appreciate your concern and support of your company. I must say that I have never experienced such quick support provided by any company I had business with. Many larger and well – known companies should learn from You!
Peter Paprskar, Slovakia
Thank you very much for sending the code so fast, congratulations for you excellent work!
Francisco Apodaca , Westin Dragonara Resort – USA
Hello, I wanted to tell you guys that I love the software! It works perfectly and it fits my needs.
Eden, Neeks PC Playground – USA
We thank you for all you’ve been doing to make sure our businesses are successful. You do not
stop in creating the best value for money Cafe Timer. You work round the clock. We thank you
and wish you the best. Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to all the crew at Antamedia. We all love you and wish you the best.
Smith, Communicate Cafe – USA
We have purchased the internet cafe server program from you few months ago and it has been a great experience. We would like to thank you for this great program.
Kannah Services Centre, Victoria – Canada
I must say I am impressed with your customer service!
Chris, Rampworks – U.A.E.
Thank you for the excellent software. (Antamedia HotSpot)
Michael Bouma, Data Center Frysla – Netherlands
We have Internet Cafe now successfully setup on all our machines in our store, and find it an excellent and intuitive product.
Nick Kelly, New Zealand
I would like you to know that I have used a lot of different cafe software’s but NONE of them beat YOURS. Yours is the best.
Tshepang Seisa, Botswana
…By the way great program!!!!!!!! User friendly with a lot of control over the client PC’s.
Eric Jackson, Las Vegas – USA
I truly appreciate your product and support. Any time I have contacted your staff they are quick to respond and always provide exceptional support. My internet cafe (Gamer’s Paradise,

in Tucson, Arizona, USA) has been open for only 3 months and I have watched our sales grow at a tremendous rate. To be frank we could not have done this without your software. You have a great product and support. I plan on expanding within a year, opening a second location and definitely will be purchasing another license. Just wanted to say thanks to you and your staff.

Jim Neeley, Tucson – USA
Have installed on 44 computers in our new cafe and it is running extra well.
Rolly Vaughton, Australia
Antamedia cafe is “security tight”, “accountable”, and “affordable”…….all in one……simply the best. Thank you.
Chima, OCC Computer Services – Nigeria
We would be very happy to promote your products, as we feel very satisfied with the software from you, it does the job very well.
Babs Kohler, Learning Cafe – United Kingdom
I want to congratulate you for you superb customer support. You rank one of the best. This observation comes from my experience of evaluating your software.
Frank Aina, Fatmak International
I am very pleased with your promptness and your high level support.
Barra Lo, USA
I enjoy the software a great deal. It makes my life allot easier to deal with clients.
Scott Martin, USA
Let me take this opportunity to thank you for a very clever program indeed. The cafes I install are sometimes managed by people with very limited computer knowledge, yet it’s running
trouble free.
Farid Silwanis, Australia
You guys are really good, especially at this time. I thank you very very much for your prompt service.
Bernd Keller, Germany
I just wanted to say what i think of your new HotSpot software. We have been trialing software from another company for about 5 months. Whilst their support was good, their program was very buggy and we were getting a lot of complaints. Customers not being able to login etc. This is difficult, especially for remote locations. We ended up taking out the software from our remotes. As soon as your software came out we trialed it and after a week bought the first three. It is brilliant. don’t know how you did it in the time it took you to get it together. All the codes work, everytime. WE now have some real stability on our wifi network. Easy configuration options. Their are some small bugs, which i’m sure will be resolved, but these are small annoyances for the operator more than anything. (like the accounts page flicking back to the top when scrolling down) None of these minor issues effect the logins or the customer. Now we just turn it on and let it do the work for us. As it should be. Well done and thanks….the Mice.
Mr. Mice , Mouse on Mars – Australia
Thanks a lot for superb support!
Kenneth Chr. Nilsen, Norway
Thanks, I will just like to add that this is the best / fastest support I have received in a very long time ..its good to see customer service is still alive. Keep it up.
Andy Hamilton, Trinidad And Tobago
I been using the internet cafe for 4 years and still enjoying it.
Mr., Cybefone Communications – Australia
We have been enjoying your software and we must say thanks for it.
Iyke Onyechi
Thank you very much for your immediate service, it is very much appreciated.
Daniel Rediger, USA
Your a great company to trade with! Thanks for your quick responses and pre-sales service. There are other companies that claim to have more functionality and stuff. But I chose your company because I know that you will offer a more usable, customer focused and reliable system. Good luck and godspeed on your upcoming projects.
Jonathan, New Zealand
I purchased your cafe software with unlimited clients a while ago, and I’m fairly impressed.
Now I see that you have this hot spot software and I was testing it yesterday. And I’m also pretty satisfied with it.
Zingee Ngan, Canada
Thanks so much ! We find that your product and your services are really excellent !
Vincent Maillot, Canada
I love this software for cafes I will make sure my ISP company buys it. It is very best in fact it is the most unique uncommon cyber cafe time billing software i have seen or use.
Ken Kennedy
We recently purchased a full and unlimited license of the Internet Caffe management software. It’s highly intutive and extremely easy to use! this is without compromising the great looking user interface and the professional graphics.. I am overwhelmed by the extensive functionality that covered not only the Internet activity, but all of our business aspects.. thank you!
Mr.X, Uniworld Systems – USA
After 5 months of usage, we love your software.
Stephan Richard,, Halifax, Nova Scotia, CANADA
Thank you for being the most responsive software company I have ever worked with. I really appreciate your prompt help.
Kathy Hammond, PCBaang – USA
…you have been a great help. One of the best things about your software is the support you provide for it! Thanks a lot, I am very satisfied with your service. Will definitely recommend you to my clients.
Michael Brunold

Thank you! That worked perfectly and our POS is running great. We are always impressed with the quality of your support.

Dave / Ken, CyberNation
I have just installed your caffe software into my customers shop yesterday and I must say that I am VERY impressed the software is very easy to install and configure has plenty of options and is easy to use. It certainly does justify every penny of the cost, which after installing the software I can see you get a lot for your money.
Steve Carey, The Internet Cafe – United Kingdom – East Sussex
You guys are excellent. I am glad we chose your software for our business.
Peter, Internet Arena Kawana – Australia
Guys.. you are the best help support I have ever “met”. Good work
Enrico Pettinaroli, Greece
You guys are great and I thank you very much. I want you guys to think of me as your tester. With my somehow little programming experience, and my deep knowledge of cybercafe industry. I know that your software is the best value that is out there. When you compare functionality, user friendliness simplicity, features, security, pricing and customer support, you are number 1. We are consultant in cybercafe business, and your software will be our software of choice. We tested many software out there and we prefer to choose yours because of the valuable features that is included. That is why we recommend to you the pin based timecode abuse security about two years ago. I personally feel good that your team took my suggestion and implement it.
Tunde Awosanya ,

Damn. You guys are GOOD!!! Thank you so much for the quick response. We love you!

Peter Baynes / Wade Otto, Internet Arena – Australia
Thank you very much, its a excellent software you have composed.
Sidde Persson, Ceenon Data – Sweden
This is very unusual comment, but we couldn’t keep it just for ourselves :)
“One of my customers was playing Doom3… some instance, he jumped off his seat, threw headphones on the table and screamed “Oh sh*t!!! Oh sh*t!!!!”
so I ask him what’s wrong, he looked so scared. He says holy sh*t, I went into an empty room in the game…. just killed lots of monsters, and decided to take some minute to breath and relax a bit….all of the sudden, there came loud like hell voice, breaking the silence “5 minutes left !!! “, and it scared sh*t out of me!!!” I must tell you that Doom3 is quite stressful game, so I imagined how he felt, but it was so funny!
Mr.X, Our customer from famous game cafe …

Your support is first rate, and I’d be more than happy to deal with you in the future.

Graham Del, The Mobi Shop , Internet Cafe – United Kingdom
You guys are great and I thank you very much. I want you guys to think of me as your tester. With my somehow little programming experience, and my deep knowledge of cybercafe industry. I know that your software is the best value that is out there. When you compare functionality, user friendliness simplicity, features, security, pricing and customer support, you are number 1. We are consultant in cybercafe business, and your software will be our software of choice. We tested many software out there and we prefer to choose yours because of the valuable features that is included. That is why we recommend to you the pin based timecode abuse security about two years ago. I personally feel good that your team took my suggestion and implement it.
Meshack Tartiyus Haman, Kansas - USA
…Thank you. And your software make it worth the while. You guys are doing a tremendous job and I’m happy to be part of the Antamedia community.
Olu, Games Genius – Gravesend – United Kingdom
I am very well pleased and impressed with Antamedia, it’s support, commitment and determination, the conceptualization and implementation of extremely, user-friendly programming, and its current and, somewhat surprisingly, focus on customer care, service, and support.
Raúl Arenas, Net2Go – USA
It’s being a pleasure doing business with you.
Marlon N. St. Louis, EasyAccess Internet Cafe – Grenada
Hi there, this is new cafe I am opening, this will be the 3rd one this year, thank to your software’s great help.
Bashirodeen Jahed, Photofinish – South Africa
We at provide tech support to internet cafes in Italy and Switzerland. As control and accounting software, we need a product that is easy to install and, more important, can be understood and maintained by the customer (the internet cafe staff) themselves so we do not have to go out to solve every little problem. Antamedia 4.9.4 was quite good but version 5 is even better: it allows network setup based on PC names (no
IP programming) and the menu and setup interface is even better. As in version 4, the setup and help files are available in Italian (and many other languages such as Spanish, Arabic) which helps a lot. Virtually every option is configurable. In terms of customization, Antamedia Internet Caffe allows you to completely lock down the system (“shell”) for kiosk and unattended use, but also it can be setup such that you keep the original windows look and feel, and let the user 90% free (for example, for library use).
Arthur Sieders,
Thank you for your prompt response– I may have more questions later– really great software solution– beautiful– Thanks!!
Maggie Baker
We’ve been using your hotspot software for over 6mths now. We wanted a product that would allow us to grant guests wireless access to the internet without exposing our domain to risk. The solution was to have a separate

internet connection with software that would allow us to manage guest usage. Your hotspot software has proven itself to be perfect for that job. It was an easy to install and configure.

Lance Misa, Te Kohanga Reo National Trust – New Zealand
I want to express my great satisfaction from the support and amazing service I am
getting from you. To be honest first impression is very important and I have to
admit that such professional service makes me confident to use your product not only
in this new site (Food Court & Think Tank Buildings, but also in some other coming
projects in the same technology park ( Thank you gain.
M. Karamany, Cairo – Egypt
Happy new year to all stuff and I’m really appreciate your efforts. I’m so

interesting with your product internet café it help me to manage my business easy

I’m proud to use this program in my cyber Café’. thanks a lot for your support . I

already test other programs before I decide to Buy Internet cafe but I didn’t become
satisfy with any one of them .your software is a valuable and best one it covers all
what I need to mange my business.

Tarek Saad Al-Tahan, Al-Mansoura – Egypt
Thank you ever so much you guys are wonderful.
Justin, Denovo – South Africa
I received my registration and activate my software… To choose your software was a
very good decision… Thanks for your support
Cristian Rodriguez, Marbella Country Club
…trust me if my wife can use it, then its very user friendly.
Brent Glover
Thanks, It’s working great!! Keep up with the support. As customers we are very happy with the software. Thank you.
Sergio Céspedes, La Paz – Bolivia
After installing your new software and testing it several days, everything is
working perfectly. I just have a short comment. The log file In the URL Tracking only registers ip addresses. The other version of the software used to register users name as well. I would like to suggest that you made this possible in future versions, I find it better this way. Apart from this, I am really happy with your program, it’s really amazing. Thank you very much for your help.
Santiago Vargas, Spain
Thank you for your support to date. I Must say that your response time to my questions and your support for your product has been excellent to date. I am very happy with your HotSpot product and your service and I look forward to some new versions coming out to date.
Anthony La Malfa
I have been using your software for some time now and it works great!
Steve Homer, Ireland
It is always a pleasure to do business with a company that has attentive customer support.
Jonathan Selby, Argentina
That is great ! So far everything is working exactly how we had hoped. Thank you very much for the Database addition to capture emails. I’ll be sure to recommend your product and services.
Don Troup, Luminous Technology Services – Canada
Thank you for your quick response nonetheless .It is great to be dealing with a company like yours, I was previously using (deleted)…what a nightmare.
We are very very grateful for your quick response. We sincerely appreciate the level
of your commitment. Your customer service is highly commendable. We will make sure we recommend you where ever possible. We are sincerely grateful. Its working perfectly well. Thanks.
Your support are 1 class. Thank you very much.
Pascal Steinger, HFN Installationen – Bergdietikon, Germany
The Antamedia software is a very nice software, Easy to understand, manage and
deploy.I have not seen another hotspot and internet cafe soft ware that meet this
standard, also excellent after sales service and customer support. Please keep it up.
Engr Ikenna Onwu, Digital Device Solutions – Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria
We found Antamedia Hotspot via a Google search. The software has been in use for only a short while so far but is proving to be ideal for motel use. Congratulations on an excellent product.
Terry Coleman, New Zealand
I do really appreciate you very prompt response and excellent team work. Once again I thank you all for the World class support you give to all your Internet Cafe Customers.
Stephen B. Nguthi, Kenya
Thank you for your effectiveness and speed.
Anne Lemaire
I want to say a very big thank you for your support, especially to Ivan and
Vladimir, their explanation has taken me to the peak which i wanted the software to

work, i really appreciate their effort and patience toward my worries. Now i can
introduce the product to my follow colleague in the business. One again thanks very much.

Bright, Lagos, Nigeria
Thanks and congratulations, your customer service is excellent and fastest, attached
license file works!!!
Walter Saravia, CYBERBOX
I can never thank you enough. It’s a relief really. We are having a hard time doing
it cause its only me and my brother who manage the cafe and technically we have
limited ideas about deeper computer troubleshoot.
I will tell anyone interested what a great product you have. It really is excellent
and well thought out. It is exactly what I needed.
Howard Passman, VOB Auto Sales
Thank you for a most pleasant product. For 3 years we searched for a product that would suite our needs and just over some 2 years ago we purchased our first package. Skeptical at first, but today we can say it was not just the correct choice, but also the best one. We like to keep things easy. Thank you once again.
J.C. Van Rooyen, Ibanza – South Africa
A million thanks for your help and instructions on setting up our system. I am so much happy and contented of the services that you extended unto us. Rest assured, I promote your products and services on my friends and colleagues that have internet cafes also.
Junvic, Internet beyound Limits – Dubai – UAE
Hi Guys,
Did a thorough internet search, tried some of the free-bees, and finally settled on paying for yours. I will always pay for what I want, I,m trying to run a professional place so it stands to reason that I need
proffessional software, people who have seen the stuff with your software are impressed, though my mastery of your application is still less hat flattering but I will get it right.Thanks Guys ( & Dolls ).
Valentine Motloung, Copy Cat Internet Cafe – Johannesburg – South Africa
Although your earlier version (HotSpot) was functional this version has a cleaner look and appears to be easier to use especially from the account administrator perspective. The DHCP is a very good addition.
Murray Balchin, Ihug – New Zealand
Thanks so much, love your software. The .lic file and restart worked and it says registered now. Love the Software. Thanks again, have a
GREAT years.
Archie Watson, Hollywood Internet Cafe – US
Your software is brilliant and without it I’m sure we would’ve cancelled the whole internet cafe idea. Thank you for your brilliant software. We are recommending it as far as we go.
Christopher Thesner, ICA Technical – Midwater – South Africa
Thank you very much for all this support, you are really professionals. I don’t know how i can express my gratitude over all the great job you have done to help our company get back to the old system.
Charles Jim Amon, EVELYTE CYBER CAFE – Malawi
Since 2009 we have used Antamedia hotspot and has been the best, easy to use and hassle free for customers, surpasses many programs including Mikrotik.
Leonardo, Alisson Wifi
Your instant and attentive attitude towards work is a big compliment to Antamedia Company for having you. Bravo on your spirit of work Nenad ! Keep it up !
Gary Teo, xMac
Great Product indeed and we’ll support your initiatives! Thank you for the software upgrades that are making the solution much better everyday!
Patrick, – Johannesburg – South Africa
We are happy and proud with the internet cafe software by Antamedia. We have used the cafe software for more than 5 years and find it profitable to manage several cafe clients. Lastly, we do not hesitate to recommend any one interested to use the software from Antamedia. Once again, thank you Antamedia!
Liberty Mbedzi, The Link Internet Cafe – Zimbabwe
Using hotspot software over 3 years now, great and easy to use. Install and runs forever . The perfect gateway solution . Thanks Antamedia!
M Biemans, Scherpenhof Hotspot – Terwolde Netherlands
Many thanks for the great and wonderful support, very appreciated. Now our Pintech hotpot is running full version. A pleasure doing business with you.
Pinto Katia, Pintech – Republic of Kiribati
I love the software and I think it’s very user friendly and easy to implement. I simply bought an outdoor access point and bridged the connection to get DHCP to do its thing and I had my lab environment up in under 30 minutes. What a pleasure!
Nico Jordaan, Wilderness Safaris – Rivonia – South Africa
Your software is a power software! Good work!!!
Markus Schambach, Germany

After reading previous comments i feel that i must to write a couple lines based on my positive experience with the software and Antamedia stuff. Software is great and very easy for setup. I spend 2 minutes for setting computer and 2 more minutes for starting control over my local wired and wireless computers in network. Technical support help me to choose between available HotSpot software editions based on the set of options which i wanted to use. Quickly after ordering software online, sales person contact me with the licensing instructions and create me a license file. I have been using Antamedia Internet Cafe software for control of local computers in network from 2008. I choose to buy HotSpot software from Antamedia based on my previous positive experience with Antamedia. I personally recommend their Bandwidth Manager application to a friend for control of traffic in the office and he is satisfied also. Keep up with the good work Antamedia. Cheers Henry

Henry Blain, Hard&soft – Haiti
We been using this software for about 3 years and it works so well. I could highly recommend this for hotel business! Thanks to Mr. Vladan !
Gerald R. Pador, Iloilo Business Hotel – Philippines
We are new Wireless ISP, and we needed a billing software that will be effective, easy to install and configure and with clear billing statistical information. After days of searching the Internet, we bumped into Antamedia Hotspot. Not only does the software meet our needs, the Technical Support Team is one of the best in the industry. The team will assist you and follow up to make sure your problems are solved and you are satisfied. Hotspot is indeed easy to use and user-friendly.
Bayzambmo Saye, WEN Inc, Wireless ISP – Monrovia, Liberia
Antamedia was very user friendly, easy to understand by a non technical person like myself and easy to install and use. It is also quite versatile. I also read the comments from customers and they were all positive and the common comment was it being very user friendly and we have proved it for ourselves. We are very satisfied with your product and your support services and we appreciate you and your team for all that.
Elfrida Nui, Lae – Papua New Guinea
Am definitely impressed by the software and i consider it the best of what i have seen so far.
Michael Ngisiro, Modcom – Kampala Uganda
Thank you for your communication and assuring we are well supported. When I get this level of communication I am reassured that we are partnering with a successful company. Thank you.
Brian Nelsen, MTR – Nashville – USA
The install of your product to one of my customers went seamlessly and is working 100%. I found your software, browsing the web looking for a solution for my customer, i was attracted to your software because it fitted my customers requirements like a glove, we trialed the software first and was in doubt if it would handle the load, but it did.
Dylan Mulder, Altairbis – New Zealand
I’m very satisfied with the Antamedia POS packet, so far it works perfectly.
Monika, Primavera Body Shape Studio – Galway – Ireland
Thanks, Antamedia, for a really helpful freeware DHCP server. Just really wanted to give some kudos to Antamedia for their freeware Windows DHCP server that works on desktop products as well as servers. Thanks folks, good job.
Hany Mustapha
I would like to thank Antamedia for their great support through email, on line chat and even remote login.
Greg Johnston, (Antamedia Forum)
I have no more doubts Antamedia software is probably the best hotspot software out there in the market. Great support, nice user friendly interface (GUI), setup is quick, ease of use/administration, etc. Your live support (remote, chat, & Email) are all great! Fast and convenient, I’ve got nothing
to ask more, just keep up the good work.
Deogracias De Alday
Many thanks for your very quick and professional support !
Axel Aernaut, Ohain – Belgium
Your hotspot software work fine and after install the trial version , the day after we already bought license and put on production. This solution gave us the possibility to solve definitely the internet connection request when our customers or suppliers visit us.
Alessandro Viani, Futura S.p.A. – Italy
Dear Mr. Jimmy,Thanks for the supports for the installation of our AP’s (2405N) and its working great.
Finney Jacob, Carlton Hotel – Saudi Arabia
Dear Nenad, your support is really great. To get the solution so quick at this daytime is outstanding !! Many many thank yous to you ;-))))
Martin Scholtz, Hessischer Bauernverband e.V. – Germany
My name is Pete Privitera from Mixcat Computers and I do IT support for some of the bigger companies in the central Florida area. I have been supporting Polo Run Apartments in Kissimme and they use your Hot Spot software for their residents. When I took over support for this company, there was a lot of cleanup to do on the IT side. I can honestly say I couldn’t have done it without your teammate Darko. That guy is a super star and knows your software backward and forward. He gave me faith in your product line and services. I will not hesitate to use your product and services again. I would like to know if you offer re-seller services, as we support many networks. I would like to extend my thanks to Darko, and look forward to much more business in the future.
Thanks again,
Peter Privitera, – USA
When our company searched for hotspot solution we trialed many software, and the most friendly, easy to configure and rich-featured was Antamedia hotspot. So the product sold itself because it is a reliable product. Actually for our installations we do not use more than 20 % of the features, as the Hotspot software is rich-featured software.
Ahmad Qattan, HQ – Jordan

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