Smart City WiFi

Increase the quality of life for citizens and city visitors and engage them with WiFi video ads

Smart City WiFi

Increase the quality of life for citizens and city visitors and engage them with WiFi video ads

Smart City WiFi

Excellent WiFi network is expected city-wide, at all institutions, hotels, restaurants, bars, airports, transport, to help people stay connected.

Antamedia Smart City solution successfully manages your WiFi network, implements WiFi marketing with video ads, and surveys guests and visitors.

Watching video ads in exchange for Free WiFi access became a popular method to gain Internet connectivity, especially in less economically developed countries. Our system provides all tools needed for digital marketing, automatic emailing, and customer feedback collecting.

How Smart City WiFi Works ?

Upon accessing your WiFi network, the guest is automatically redirected to the City WiFi self-branded login page.

They may select the preferred connection method, like social login, access-code login or free access and start using WiFi.

Once logged-in, they may be redirected to view desired website or City info page.

Each connected device is limited with download and upload speed, available bandwidth transfer, time to use your service, so you can ensure excellent WiFi experience for all your guests.

Antamedia City WiFi software will control the session duration, speed and bandwidth, and optionally collect your guest e-mail, name, address, for your safety and info marketing activity.

Customer Survey

Smart City WiFi network is a perfect channel to gather the opinions of your guests.

Gather valuable information about guests, which can be used for marketing purposes and to improve the quality of your services.

Resolve the guest complaints, about which you might not have been notified, and avoid certain unpleasant, detrimental issues.

All the data are instantly available being gathered into legible analytics, without any paperwork.

Customer surveys can be displayed on the initial login page, or sent in an email after a defined time interval.


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Instant Notification System

Use your Splash / Welcome page as a message board and display Covid-19 notifications or relevant tourist information to introduce guests to all the city sights.

In order to deter and prevent the spread of the Covid19 pandemic you can collect the contact details of your guests before they connect to the WiFi location. You can notify them of the city guidelines and regulations while reminding them to maintain social distancing.

Monitor users at a certain time, through names and phone numbers.

When necessary or requested by authorities, all data can be easily exported to monitor nearby people, which greatly facilitates the process of combating the COVID-19 pandemic.

Contact information are collected in compliance with global data & privacy regulations GDPR.

WiFi Roaming

Allow user roaming throughout the WiFi network without interruptions

WiFi networks that consist of more than one AP will likely include roaming clients.

Clients can be associated with only one AP at a time and roaming from AP to AP must be quick and seamless.

Seamless WiFi Roaming provides a constant connection of the mobile users (smartphones, tablets, laptops) during their movement within the area covered by several access points.

When moving within the WiFi network, client independently selects the most suitable AP based on the signal level, network load and other factors.

This way, WiFi clients will get continuous service when moving between the WiFi locations and they will get the Splash page only on the first authentication.

Smart City WiFi Marketing

• Display location-based video ads or fully-featured campaigns that target customers by age, gender and interest

• Run different campaigns featuring different brands, and bill by number of impressions, expiration date, or budget

• Get customer email and full name and create campaigns that engage and deliver results

Antamedia Smart City WiFi system is an essential system to serve advertisements over your WiFi.

Smart City WiFi system allows you to set up one or more video ads that will rotate each time when a customer connects to the WiFi.

It controls user Internet access, sets limits, processes payments, engages users, provides powerful analytics and helps you run different marketing strategies to maximize revenue from your WiFi.

Video or image advertisements can be created for individual products, brands or current sales promotions, implying discounts, coupons etc. which can be used immediately in the store.

After completing the Marketing campaign form on a Splash page, a new page with video or image ad will appear on the customer device.

Having seen a video/image advertisement, a guest will be offered to connect to the Internet and visit the web page with a special offer.

For each Marketing campaign, you will get analytics which includes the number of displayed video advertisements, click-through rates, how successful the campaign is, with PDF reports for the manager.