Amazing WiFi features for your next-level Guest WiFi

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Amazing WiFi features for your next-level Guest WiFi

Splash Page

The Splash page is the first thing users see when they connect to your WiFi network and it should look attractive and representative.
We have developed a brand new Splash page, with an incredible look, lots of amazing features, and with 40+ new Splash templates.

WiFi Ads

Engage your guests with video or image ads and provide complimentary free WiFi.
Antamedia WiFi marketing solution helps you create ads and play it on the guest device connected to WiFi. After watching a guest may go online or visit special offer, complete registration form or take an action you desire.

Email Campaigns

Email marketing campaigns enable you to send information and promotional emails to your guests.
Those campaigns can be sent when necessary, if you want to inform your guests about the novelties, or automatically according to a previously defined schedule which includes initial connection, inactivity, or on a guest’s day of birth.

Customer Survey

Customer survey is a great tool for collecting guest data, opinions and reviews, which can be used for marketing purposes and improving your service.
If you want to know how good you are at doing your business, the best way is to ask your customers.

WiFi Marketing

Antamedia WiFi System can display location-based ads or fully-featured marketing campaigns that target customers by age, gender, and interest.
Put the latest promotion, offer discounts, collect guest surveys or display coupons to be redeemed at retail stores.
You may run different campaigns featuring different brands, and bill by the number of impressions, expiration date, or budget.

Social WiFi

Social WiFi is an essential social marketing system that allows you to offer free WiFi to your customers.
It is the quick and easy way to collect emails and names of your customers and use it for marketing campaigns.

Internet Plans

Save time and resources by allowing the customer to create and pay for network access directly from their device.
During signup, guests can choose an Internet plan which can be free or paid. Free complimentary access comes with lower download and upload speeds.


Use your Splash or Welcome page as a message board and display Covid-19 notifications or relevant tourist information to introduce guests to all the city sights.
You can notify them of the city guidelines and regulations while reminding them to maintain social distancing.

Hotel PMS Integration

Integrate Hotel WiFi with your PMS system and automate billing for your guests.
Allow a guest to log in to WiFi via room number and name, which completely automates the access and facilitates guest access to the Internet.

Facebook Like and Share

After login, guests will get a Welcome page where you can enable Facebook Like, Facebook share, video, or image ads.
Your guests will need to like, share or check in to your Facebook page before they can use the internet.
You will get customer email, full name, gender, and birthday, so you can craft campaigns that engage and deliver results.

Welcome page

Show a Welcome page to guests before connecting to WiFi.
This prevents the page to be closed on some mobile devices so you can show additional info or ask the user to take the desired action.
Ask customers to like your Facebook page or to share the individual post on Facebook, show video or image ad, or just greet the guest with a welcome message.

Web Filtering

Available as a service and Windows-based application, our DNS Web Filter helps you build first-line protection and control what websites your users are visiting.
Protect your business or organization by blocking access to adult, hacked, malicious and every other kind of inappropriate websites.

Self-Service Customer Portal

Allow access to the Self-service customer portal where customer can see and change personal data, in accordance with GDPR.
Customers can easily remove consent on marketing emails, edit their data or remove undesired data.
In addition, the customer can see account limits, available time and quota, download and upload speeds assigned.

White Label Branding

Manage customers interactions with your own brand, logo, company name and domains.
Send customers to a unique domain to login to their portal, create users, login codes, refills and view analytics.


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