Automatically login returning guests


Automatically login returning guests

Antamedia Autologin feature allows guests to connect automatically when they return to a WiFi location they’ve already visited.

As soon as the guest device tries to connect, autologin will authenticate it and enable Internet access based on the account limit settings.

Device MAC address will be saved in the system and guest will be automatically logged in next time.

It works on all smartphones, laptops, tablets and any device transmitting MAC address.

This feature is very suitable for any venue, ISP or hospitality that want to provide seamless login.

Antamedia WiFi Features

  • New-gen software with radius APs/routers

  • Control smartphones, tablets, laptops

  • Manage bandwidth, download and upload
  • No initial server hardware cost

  • Customize Splash pages for each WiFi location

  • Collect customer satisfaction surveys

  • Improve rank on TripAdvisor, Yelp etc
  • Create users or tickets with custom Internet plans

  • Hotel PMS Interface to Opera, IDS, and 20+ more

  • Accept credit cards & keep 100% profits

  • Web Customer Portal

  • Automatic Emails for marketing
  • Print your own WiFi voucher tickets

  • Auto-login users to increase ease of use

  • Collect customer data for marketing

  • Internet plans per location
  • Get real-time statistics and usage reports
  • Video ads before user logs in

  • Manage multiple hotspot locations
  • API Integration & Automation

  • Social login: Facebook,Twitter,LinkedIn,Google,VK,Line

Offer a home-like experience

Autologin feature automates login process.

After initial login, customer will no longer be prompted for username and password.

This significantly improves ease of use and customer satisfaction.

No Passwords Needed !

Remember this question : ” What’s your WiFi password ?”

It’s time to upgrade to Antamedia Enterprise WiFi System and forget passwords.

After connecting to your WiFi, customers can click on a preferred social network and start enjoying WiFi.

No pass, fast and simple. Your staff will get more for their job and customer will appreciate simple access.