Easily Get New Fans With a Social WiFi Hotspot

Offer complimentary Internet access in exchange for a Facebook Like or predefined wall post

Engage WiFi Users Using Social Network

Social WiFi helps you socially engage with your users and turn them into loyal promoters. Fans or followers are likely to continue using your brand, share info with other users and engage with your brand by sharing their experiences.

Free guest WiFi is one of the common WiFi deployments today. In exchange for complimentary Internet, users will share info with their friends on social network. Case studies reveal that social WiFi login is the preferred user interaction method that provides them free Internet access. Users are always logged-in on their devices so it usually takes a single click to enjoy free Wi-Fi.

If you are still offering Free WiFi to the guests by telling them your WiFi password ask yourself:
Are you able to inform your WiFi customers about special promotions ?

Building Social Wi-Fi is easy: setup your HotSpot (free support is available) and start collecting Likes and expanding your fan network !

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Social WiFi with Facebook Like

Facebook Like is the easiest and most efficient way to build your fan base and promote your brand and service. When a user connects to your WiFi, a Hotspot page will be presented. It can be customized with your logo, background or image/video ad.

After clicking the Like button, user will get Internet access, which can be limited by bandwidth or time. Hotspot software collects user email and name, so you can use this info later for your marketing campaigns. Those users will follow your messages so you can offer them loyalty promotions and discounts.

Social WiFi with Wall Posts

Facebook wall posts might be even better way to promote your brand and business. By clicking the “Login with Facebook”, a user will be prompted to login and post to wall your predefined message like
Enjoying free WiFi at [your place]“.

It turns your WiFi customers into fans, spreads the word about your business and indirectly recovers your Internet costs. Similar to the Facebook Like login method, Hotspot will collect user data and store it for your later use.

Read more how to setup Social WiFi in Hotspot software.

Free WiFi with Facebook Wall Post

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