Automate hotspot billing of your WiFi service and keep 100% of the profits. Accept credit cards, integrate with PMS, or print prepaid voucher tickets


Automate hotspot billing of your WiFi service and keep 100% of the profits. Accept credit cards, integrate with PMS, or print prepaid voucher tickets

The professional’s choice for full-featured WiFi Billing and Internet control

Antamedia HotSpot Billing solution is the first choice of professionals, with 3X more global users than our nearest competitor:

From being easy to set up with the user-friendly portal panel, to the possibility to develop into a full ISP for regular clients, HotSpot Billing software has you covered.

You keep your own profits and you keep your own branding. No compromises.

Accept Credit Cards

Credit card billing

Save time and resources by allowing the customers to create and pay for network access directly from their devices.

The secure automated payment process lets you accept over 70 major internet payment gateways including PayPal.

The processing occurs within seconds and your customers are able to continue using your services.

Select payment gateway and set your merchant account to which end users will pay for the accounts.

For most of the payment gateways you need to set your merchant username and password, while some of them require an API signature issued by payment gateway and configuration of proper currency code.

How HotSpot Billing Works:

Hotspot billing

HotSpot Billing Software Features

  • WiFi Network Management

  • Control smartphones, tablets, laptops, computers

  • Manage bandwidth, download and upload

  • User roaming between locations

  • Hotel PMS Integration: Opera, IDS, Protel …

  • Autologin – automatic reconnection to WiFi

  • Multiple devices – setup number of devices/user

  • URL redirects to desired website or user profile

  • Splash pages with multiple login methods

  • Social login: Facebook,Twitter,LinkedIn,Google

  • Video Ads before login

  • Verification via SMS and Email

  • Targeted video campaigns by age / gender

  • Session Logs with data/time usage

  • Marketing Campaign reports

  • Accept credit cards, 50+ payment gateways

  • Mobile payments for Africa countries

  • Voucher-based signup with optional billing

  • Data export via CSV and PDF
  • Identify customers based on devices details
  • Get more reviews/feedback with TripAdvisor
  • Allow free usage and force users to buy upgrade

  • Prevent free users relogin before specified time

  • Identify customers based on devices details

  • Optional branded HotspotOS for selected APs

  • High-performance low-cost OEM APs available

  • E-Mail marketing / Welcome Email

  • Automation and API
  • Webhooks -data exchange
  • Integrate with a CRM

  • Contact permissions (GDPR compliance)

  • Custom multilanguage terms of use

  • Surveys for splash pages and Emails

  • NPS surveys

  • User Reports

  • Aggregated Reports (summarized stats)

  • Technology Reports (device/browser/OS)

  • Network Usage Reports (bandwidth consumed)

  • Visitor Reports (new/repeating)

Create Highly Flexible User Accounts

Easily create and print single or bulk user accounts and login codes/vouchers.

The user interface is very simple and easy, and is designed for seasonal or less experienced staff.

Accounts are generated in 5 easy steps:

1. Select User/Pass or Login code(Voucher)
2. Choose Internet Plan
3. Choose the number of the accounts to generate
4. Choose type
5. Click Create button

Optionally you can add a logo and background image that will be displayed on the ticket.

Post Charges to the Guest Room – PMS

Integrate Hotspot Billing solution with your PMS system (Opera and 20+ other systems) and automate billing for your guests. Customer chooses username, password, price plan (like 7 days Internet) and confirms the identity with a room number and personal details. If successful, Internet is enabled and payment is added on provided room number, and customer will see this charge in your PMS.

The system can be configured to provide free access (no charge), to apply the complimentary plans to member or loyalty guests, or provide a list of available plans so users can choose and pay.


  • Cloud platform managed by us

  • No initial hardware cost (except routers)

  • Subscription (monthly payment)

  • Controls any connected router

  • Worldwide deployment, easily scalable

  • Hardware: Routers with Radius support

  • Centralized management and updates


  • Installs on your server or cloud VM

  • AAA Radius Servers included

  • Yearly or one-time payment

  • Controls entire Hotel WiFi network

  • Larger packages available with unlimited APs

  • Premium features included

  • Exclusive on-premise private use

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