Enhancing Municipal Services with
Antamedia Enterprise WiFi System


Enhancing Municipal Services with Antamedia Enterprise WiFi System


The City of Shoalhaven is a local government area in the South Coast region of New South Wales, Australia, bordered by mountains, coastal plains and beaches, with 49 towns and villages.

Access to reliable internet connectivity was a longstanding challenge. Residents often struggled with limited access to online services, while businesses faced difficulties in providing WiFi to their customers.

Recognizing the importance of addressing this issue, Shoalhaven City Council decided to partner with Antamedia to deploy an Enterprise WiFi System across the municipality.

This case study explores how the Antamedia Enterprise WiFi System transformed the municipality of Shoalhaven by providing reliable internet access to residents and visitors alike.


Shoalhaven City Council is an active, responsive and dedicated Council. As the custodians of sparkling beaches, rolling surf, natural reserves and clean waterways we work to protect and improve our vibrant community’s extraordinary lifestyle.


Bandwidth Quota Disparities
Shoalhaven City faced challenges related to uneven and uncontrolled bandwidth across different areas, impacting residents’ access to essential online services and hindering economic development.

Visitor Engagement and Tourism Promotion
As a popular tourist destination, Shoalhaven City sought to enhance visitor experiences and promote local attractions, events, and businesses.

Public Safety and Emergency Communication
Ensuring public safety and effective emergency communication were top priorities for Shoalhaven City.

Business and Economic Development
Shoalhaven City aimed to foster economic growth and support local businesses by providing infrastructure and services conducive to entrepreneurship and innovation.

Data Analytics and Insights
Shoalhaven City sought to leverage data-driven insights to inform decision-making, improve service delivery, and enhance overall city management.


Shoalhaven City Council implemented the Antamedia Enterprise WiFi System, creating a resilient WiFi communication network.


The impact of the Antamedia Enterprise WiFi System on the Shoalhaven City WiFi service was immediate and far-reaching. Residents and visitors alike benefited from reliable internet access in public spaces, enabling them to stay connected, access online services, and engage in remote work or learning.

Local businesses experienced a boost in customer satisfaction as patrons enjoyed seamless WiFi connectivity while shopping, dining, or socializing.

Furthermore, the WiFi system facilitated enhanced communication and collaboration within the community.

Municipal authorities leveraged the platform to disseminate important information, gather feedback from residents, and promote local events and initiatives.

This improved connectivity fostered a sense of unity and civic engagement.


By leveraging Antamedia’s innovative solution, Shoalhaven City Council was able to enhance connectivity, promote tourism, improve public safety, stimulate economic development, and leverage data-driven insights to create a more vibrant, inclusive, and resilient community.

The Antamedia Enterprise WiFi System serves as a vital tool for community engagement and emergency preparedness