We have helped dreams come true for thousands of hotels over the last 20 years : from small motels to big brands


We have helped dreams come true for thousands of hotels over the last 20 years : from small motels to big brands

Hotel Internet Services

According to report and our own experience, free Wi-Fi is the most valued hotel amenity.

However, even if wi-fi is present, its implementation fails in many cases. An unreliable hotel Internet connection, a weak signal, or slow speeds are just some of the problems that guests have experienced.

These problems affected their satisfaction and an overall Hotel review rating.

To help hoteliers, we’ve developed several products that solve problems:

What amenities are deciding factors when choosing your hotel?

While free Wi-Fi is a must for both business and leisure travelers, people on work trips seem to hold this amenity on a higher pedestal. 53% of guests also wish free Wi-Fi was a standard amenity across all hotels.

Free WiFi

How can you improve Hotel Internet?

  • Provide free Hotel Internet and paid tiered plans to monetize on high-speed Internet access

  • Integrate with PMS (Opera, Protel, IDS…) to simplify and automate guest login with name and room number

  • Show video ads on splash pages in exchange for complimentary Internet access. Promote services like SPA and restaurants

  • Allow guests to use multiple devices (laptops, tablets, smart phones) under the same shared account

  • Create different splash (login) pages for lobby, restaurant, rooms, and combine free and paid access

  • Easily create prepaid accounts or voucher tickets for walk-in guests

  • Limit connections with number of devices, daily limits on download, time, data

How Hotel Internet software Works:

hotel internet



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Improve the TripAdvisor rating of your Hotel


Collect surveys and reviews from your guests and use it to improve your hotel’s TripAdvisor rating. Our system collects guest opinions when they are the most motivated to provide a positive review. Such a positive review is stored in the system for a followup, upon a guest check-out. We’ll automatically remind a guest about the good time he spent and suggest posting the review in TripAdvisor. This method increases the TripAdvisor hotel rating.

In addition, it prevents customer dissatisfaction by informing a manager of negative comments or complaints. If your guest complains in a survey, you will have a chance to correct the problem immediately and improve guest experience.


  • Installs on your server or cloud VM

  • AAA Radius Servers included

  • Yearly or one-time payment

  • Controls entire Hotel WiFi network

  • Larger packages available with unlimited APs

  • Premium features included

  • Exclusive on-premise private use


  • Cloud platform managed by us

  • No initial hardware cost (except routers)

  • Subscription (monthly payment)

  • Controls any connected router

  • Worldwide deployment, easily scalable

  • Hardware: Routers with Radius support

  • Centralized management and updates

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