Splash Page

Immediately attract customers with a beautifully designed Splash page!

Splash Page

Immediately attract customers with a beautifully designed Splash page!

Brand new Splash Pages

The Splash page is the first thing users see when they connect to your WiFi network and it should look attractive and representative.

Knowing this, we have developed a brand new Splash page, with an incredible look, lots of amazing features, and with 40+ new Splash templates.

We made an effort to cover all industries with the new Splash page templates.

Multiple login methods

Now you can combine any type of login form or set all of them on the Splash page and let your customers choose favorite login method.

The Modern layout will show combo login buttons on the Splash page.

Click on the desired button will open the selected login form.

Clean and easy!

New Splash page templates

Our designers have prepared 48 brand new Splash page templates, covering major industries ( ISP, Restaurant, Hotel, Airport, City, Transport, Cafe & bar, Retail, Night Club, Shopping mall. etc), so you can just upload your logo and get started collecting revenue.

Splash page Editor

The next generation page editor with improved Splash page editing capabilities is implemented in the new version of Antamedia WiFi software.

Now you can easily just drag & drop login forms above each other and change their order quickly.

Splash page layout

You can choose classic layout to display login methods on the Splash page, or choose modern to show multiple login methods as a button selection.

If you want to keep Splash page simple with one or two login forms on it, Classic layout is perfect for you.

The Modern layout is suitable if you want to show more than 2 login methods on the Splash page.

Color changer

Easily change the button’s color schemes of your Splash page for each login method.

Create your own Splash page color palette from scratch by using the Color changer and match the color of the buttons with your logo and background design.

Dark mode

The Dark mode is a new design feature that swaps the Splash page classic palette of light gray for darker shades that are designed to emit less glare at night.

Terms of Use

More than ever is required to notify users regarding Terms of Use under which service is provided.

Write your own Terms of Use or select some of the default TOS templates.

Users must accept Terms of Use to get Internet access.

GDPR Contact Permission

Require contact permission to be accepted or denied to comply with GDPR consent requirements.

Choose one of the predefined texts to ask for consent.

Welcome page

Redirect users to the Welcome page after login and greet them with a welcome message, show additional info on the Welcome page or set multiple video and image ads.
After login to your WiFi network, guest will get Welcome page where you can set different actions.
Write a welcome message to your visitors, and optionally ask them to like or share your page.
  • Show additional info on the Welcome page after login

  • Multiple ads rotating after login for each user

  • Facebook Like , Facebook Share & Check-in

  • Delayed redirect to desired URL with countdown

  • Enable User profile where customers can see personal data, in accordance with GDPR

  • Enable App download

Enable Ads (Marketing Campaigns)

Show multiple video or image ad defined in Marketing Campaigns.

Visitors will have to play video before connecting to WiFi or wait defined time while image is displayed.

When multiple campaigns are created, videos and images will rotate each time welcome page is displayed.


When a visitor lands on the welcome page, enable redirect countdown delay to force visitor pay attention to the page content before connecting to WiFi.

Select User Profile, Original URL or URL to redirect users after login.

Enable Automatically login and visitor will get WiFi access after the countdown. If disabled, a visitor needs to click the button to connect.