Enhancing Hospitality Services with
Antamedia Enterprise WiFi System


Enhancing Hospitality Services with Antamedia Enterprise WiFi System


In the competitive landscape of hospitality, seamless connectivity and exceptional guest experiences are paramount.

Hoteliers continuously seek innovative solutions to meet the evolving demands of travelers while maximizing revenue opportunities.

This case study explores how a leading hotel chain, Ginger Hotels, implemented Antamedia Enterprise WiFi System to revolutionize its guest WiFi services, elevate customer satisfaction, and drive business growth.


Ginger Hotels is an prominent hotel chain with properties spanning diverse locations, owned by Indian Hotels Company Limited, a subsidiary of the Tata Group.


Inefficient bandwidth management leading to network congestion and slow internet speeds for guests.

Limited means to engage guests and collect valuable feedback for improving services.

Absence of seamless integration with existing Property Management Systems (PMS) for operational efficiency.

Lack of control over various devices accessing the network, posing security risks and compliance challenges.

Inadequate marketing channels to promote hotel amenities and services effectively.


Based on Tata Tele’s recommendation, Ginger Hotels implemented the Antamedia Enterprise WiFi System, a comprehensive WiFi solution offering a wide array of features tailored to meet the unique demands of hospitality businesses.


Improved Guest Satisfaction

The implementation of Antamedia Enterprise WiFi System, in collaboration with Tata Tele, significantly enhanced the guest experience, resulting in higher satisfaction scores and positive reviews across the hotel chain’s properties.

Increased Revenue Streams

By leveraging Antamedia’s marketing capabilities and WiFi video ads, the hotel chain generated additional revenue while effectively promoting its offerings to a captive audience of guests.

Enhanced Operational Efficiency

Antamedia’s integration with existing PMS systems streamlined operations, reduced manual tasks, and improved staff productivity, enabling the hotel to focus on delivering exceptional guest experiences.

Data-driven Insights

The hotel gained valuable insights into guest behavior and preferences through Antamedia’s
analytics and reporting tools, enabling targeted marketing campaigns, and strategic decisionmaking.

Regulations and Compliance

Antamedia’s features and device control capabilities ensured compliance with data protection regulations, safeguarding guest privacy and the hotel’s reputation.

Streamlined Guest Onboarding

Guests were greeted with branded content and relevant information, enhancing their overall experience from the moment they connected.


By leveraging Tata Tele’s internet services and Antamedia Enterprise WiFi System, the Ginger Hotels successfully transformed its guest WiFi services, driving higher guest satisfaction, increasing revenue streams, and enhancing operational efficiency.

The partnership between Tata Tele, Antamedia, and the Ginger Hotels exemplifies a collaborative approach towards delivering exceptional guest experiences and staying competitive in the dynamic hospitality industry.