Digital Guide Examples

Exciting Venice

Digital Guide for the City of Venice

This Digital Guide provides information on popular tourist attractions, restaurants, and other interesting places.

Venice Digital Guide is a helpful online resource for travelers visiting Venice.

With clear information, helpful maps, and photos, this guide is essential for anyone planning a trip to Venice.

Welcome to Hotel

Digital Guide for Hotels and Resorts

Hotel Digital Guide is an online resource that provides information about specific hotel services, nearby experiences, and attractions.

Guests may book desired experiences and restaurants, request amenities and housekeeping, check-in before arrival and buy merchandise from an integrated online store.

London Hostel

Digital Guide for Hostel

Hostel Digital Guide is a helpful resource for travelers seeking affordable accommodation in any city worldwide.

Includes several categories to help travelers plan their trip, including experiences, restaurants, services, check-in, and store.

Smart City

Digital Guide for Smart City

Smart City Digital Guide provides information about Rome’s attractions, transportation options, and accommodations.

The guide includes features to help travelers plan their trip, such as experience and restaurant bookings, transport and rental services ordering, and an online store.

Welcome to Zambia

Digital Guide for Countries and States

Digital guide for Zambia, providing information on various attractions, accommodation, restaurants, airlines and transportation.

Guests can book popular experiences, such as adventure activities, safaris & tours, and more…
Zambia Digital Guide provides a range of information on travel-related topics, including airport information, airlines that serve Zambia, and transportation options within the country.

Your Digital Guide

Digital Guide simple template

Your Digital Guide is a simple template for creating a digital guide.

Offer interactive assistance, information, and guidance to users with features like multimedia content, maps, booking and shopping cart.

Eurotas Hotels

Digital Guide for Chained-Brand Hotels

Digital Guide for Eurotas Hotels, a collection of hotels located in beautiful Slovenia.

This guide include details about the Eurotas Hotels facilities, locations, services, local attractions, dining options, and other useful information that can enhance the guest experience.

Rehabilitation Center

Digital Guide for Rehabilitation Center

Using Digital Guide you can offer a wide range of treatments and therapies to help patients recover from various medical conditions and injuries.

Digital Guide includes insight into a range of services and programs designed to help individuals recover from physical or mental health conditions and regain their independence.

Welcome to Bancobai

Digital Guide for Bank and Financial institutions

Bank Digital Guide includes information on bank services, branches, and products that can help customers make informed decisions about their banking options and better manage their finances.


Digital Guide for Healthcare and Medical institutions

Ease the waiting time for your patients and provide them with more information about healthcare services available in your hospital or clinic using the Digital guide.

Care Home

Digital Guide for Care Home and Assisted living facilities

Using Digital Guide you can encourage tenants to embrace technology to improve the quality of life in their care homes.

Digital Guide automates communication with your tenants for room services, requests for amenities, housekeeping, transport and other service options. Integrated Online store allows tenants to buy products and merchandise at any time.

RV Park

Digital Guide for RV Parks and Campgrounds

With Digital Guide, your guests can explore nearby attractions as if they were local, without all the hassle of planning.

Provide tours, adventures, recreational activities, and other services to guests who stay at your RV Park.

Guyana Travel

Digital Guide for Travel Agencies

Guyana Travel Digital Guide is ultimate resource for planning a memorable trip to this unique destination.

Discover the country’s rich culture and history, including its indigenous communities, colonial past, and vibrant culture.

Ginger Hotels

Digital Guide for Hotel Chains

Ginger is a chain of smart and affordable hotels located throughout India.

Ginger hotels offer a comfortable and convenient stay for both business and leisure travelers, with modern amenities and personalized services.

Experience comfort, convenience, and affordability with Ginger Hotels.