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New Features for Kiosk software version 2:

Manage Printing

With Kiosk Print Manager module you can allow users to print documents or web pages, thus creating additional source of revenue. Kiosk pauses each print job until user confirms printing, a pop-up is displayed on the screen showing document name, number of pages and how many pages user is allowed to print. If a customer confirms printing, Kiosk reduces number of allowed pages in the account.

Control USB Devices

Manage and control user USB storage devices or forbid access completely. Kiosk’s prompt window will replace default Windows autorun menu. You can allow complete read/write access to USB drive or only to certain file types. Kiosk also offers you the option to store a key file on your flash drive and later unlock the Kiosk by plugging the drive back to computer’s USB port.

Internet Explorer 10 Support

Antamedia Kiosk has full support for latest Internet Explorer, one of the most popular browsers. You can configure Kiosk to use Antamedia Secure Browser (application based on Internet Explorer) or unmodified Internet Explorer browser. Both options allow you to configure various protection and security features using Windows policies and browser options. Our Secure Browser offers additional options like virtual keyboard, hiding browser context menu and buttons, automatic browser reset after predefined time period and many other.

Web Filter

Easily block unwanted websites from being accessed on your Kiosk computer, Web Filter includes 2.5 million domains sorted in over 90 categories like adult, drugs, weapons, gambling, phishing, violence, virus infected etc. This feature helps you to protect the computer from malware by blocking potentially unsafe web pages. Web FIlter also offers you the possibility to create your own custom list of blocked web sites in case they are not already included in one of categories.

Active Directory Integration

Active Directory integration helps you automate the account management in your Kiosk database. The configuration of the feature is easy: you type the domain name and configure the limits that will be assigned to created accounts. When a user enters the username and the password, Kiosk will verify if the account already exists in the Active Directory and assign predefined options and limits. Such account can have unlimited or limited time, expiration date, daily limit, based on your configuration. This feature is suitable for companies and organizations as it handles the manual work of the administrator and keeps passwords updated with the main AD system.

  • Blocks Applications and Program Options
  • Secure Browser
  • Protect Customer Privacy
  • Web Filter
  • Accepts credit cards payments
  • Tabbed Secure Browser
  • Customizable Themes
  • Customize Start Page
  • Customize Start Page
  • Self Branding
  • Digital Signage
  • Multilanguage Support
  • Transfer files to your Kiosks
  • Virtual Keyboard
  • and much more features …

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