Remote Control Software

Remotely control your computers, work remotely, provide customer help, help desk service, stream presentation to multiple viewers.

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Easy Setup


Number of users / computers

Number of connected users and computers is limited by a license. A user may connect as a viewer or admin, or may request remote help.


Remote Desktop Control

Software displays the remote PC’s desktop on the screen of your local PC, and allows you to control that computer remotely using your own mouse and keyboard.


File Transfer

Easily transfer files between the local and remote PCs. Supports Drag’n’Drop, file transfer queue and multiple simultaneous transfer connections.


Integrated Chat

Helps you communicate with a person who operates a remote computer you are connecting to.


Easily support unknown customers

Customer starts a single executable, types a name (or a desired ID), and it’s visible in the system. With a double click the admin can start a remote desktop connection, transfer files and chat with a user. This is how we (at Antamedia) help our customers – and we found it very simple and efficient !


Firewall friendly

Antamedia Remote Software uses the HTTP/S protocol allowing customers to work safely with the tightest firewalls and proxy servers, without needing to change any settings.


Screen Scaling

Remote screens can be displayed inside a window or full screen with smooth scaling and the original aspect ratio.


Separate users and computers into groups

Create user groups and assign admins and users to each group. This feature prevents an admin from accessing computers of a different group.


User Level Roles

All users can be configured as regular user accounts, admins or super admins that can access any computer in the system.


Runs as a Service

Software runs as a service and automatically starts with Windows.

Easy To Use

Remote Control Software helps you to administer and control remote computers any time and anywhere.
No installation, no access codes or IP’s to remember.


  • All in One solution for a wide variety of scenarios in one single software : remote maintenance, support, access to unattended computers, home office, online meetings, presentation, training sessions and team work
  • Administer and control remote computers as if you were sitting in front of them
  • No need for any installation
  • Free Host and Control: All hosts (Remote Host and Remote) and control (Remote Control) are completely free, only Gateway needs a license. This allows you to give the host software to your customer, and the control software to your employees without any obligation.
  • Manage all your connections easily: All user information is stored in the Remote Gateway software. This makes a centralized system with specific user rights. Easily support two or more hotels or businesses as a super admin, while having a local admin for each premises.
  • Firewall and proxy server support without the need for the customer to change any settings
  • 24/7 access to remote computers or servers
  • Fast return on investment: the license fee will pay off very quickly due to time and cost savings
  • Full support for Windows platform (Windows 2000+) 32-bit and 64-bit

Using Remote Control is Easy

You need a Windows PC computer for a Remote Gateway software. This is a part of software that connects all users and remote computers. It takes care of the dynamic IPs, runs as a service, and it’s used to create user accounts that can access the system – as users, admins or super admins.

Remote Gateway
Remote Control
Remote Host

What Package Contains

Remote Gateway

Runs on a central Gateway PC, a static or dynamic IP address

Remote Host or Remote

Runs on a customer/user side

Remote Control

Runs on an operator/control side

Remote Gateway

Remote GatewayWhen your customers need help, they will use Remote Host to connect to your Gateway.

A user enters a gateway IP and a name. After clicking on the START button, you will be able to see the computer connected in your system.

Remote Host

Remote HostThe gateway IP can be hardcoded in your custom app, colors changed to match your branding.

We (at Antamedia) do this way, the gateway IP is hardcoded and the customer only needs to enter a name and an ID. 100% simple.

Remote Control

Remote ControlTo access your customers’ PCs, you will also connect to your Gateway with Remote Control, where you will see all your currently connected customers and be able to simply select a PC from the list to start Remote Desktop Control, File Transfer, Explorer and/or Chat.

Using Remote Control, you will be able to see everything your customers see on the screen and use your mouse and keyboard to control their PCs as if you were sitting in front of them.

You will also be able to chat with your customers, or browse through all their drives, files and folders remotely, download files or folders from their PCs, and send files or folders to your customers’ PCs by using simple Drag&Drop. Enabling a full drive access to Remote Host or Remote, you can also move, rename, delete and execute their files/folders remotely. If you need to show something on your screen to one or more of your customers, you can simply use the “Show My Desktop to Host” feature, which is built into Remote Control.

Featured Customers

Featured Customers

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