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Antamedia ISP Billing Software helps you easily run and manage your ISP / WISP, backed-up with professional features and branded with your company’s identity.

Easy Install, Affordable Pricing and Premium Tech Support

A preferred choice for ISP startups, Antamedia helps you quickly start, grow and develop into a full ISP (WISP). Feature rich, scalable, Antamedia ISP Billing software is designed with your needs in mind, so you can easily install and configure it by yourself, and manage your ISP business without paying a fortune. It includes prepaid & postpaid features, subscriptions, vouchers, credit card billing, realtime statistics and usage reports and all features that simplifies your every day tasks, saving you time and money.

Many hotels fail today to provide quality Hotel WiFi because of:• Incomplete control, higher level paid service could be used for two weeks instead of one week• It’s not secure, guests are not isolated in the network• Some guests may use most of the bandwidth streaming videos or downloading, while other may not be able to get an Email• Not protected from potential criminal activity, as the guest web activity is not tracked and loggedand much more reasons…

Create Highly Flexible Pre-Paid and Post-Paid User Accounts

Easily create and print single or bulk user accounts: assign a price plan, a package or services, optionally configure subscription.

Manually update properties like download and upload rate, available time and bandwidth quota, assign daily limits for time and quota, limit number of allowed daily logins, expiration date, multilogin, autologin, inactivity timeout, allowed time of the day for login, and many more options.

here are no limits or extra fees for the number of accounts in the database. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

How ISP Billing Software Works:

Upon accessing your network, customer is automatically redirected to your self-branded login page to signup or login with an account. After initial login, customer will no longer be prompted for username and password. Auto-login feature improves ease of use and customer satisfaction, while Antamedia ISP Billing software controls the duration, speed and bandwidth by the customer account level or payment.

You decide how to charge for access to your network. Charge by data transfer, specified time usage, or download and upload rate. You can configure price plans, packages, services, refill vouchers, discounts, tax, currency and customize invoices, all from the single installation and out of the box.

Create Pre-Paid Voucher Tickets

Design and print voucher tickets by yourself, and distribute them on your selling points. There is no revenue sharing with Antamedia or ongoing cost for vouchers. You keep all profit.

Antamedia HotSpot Billing offers different templates for voucher tickets and each template can be customized to include your logo, contact details, access code, access parameters and limits, cost of the ticket.

Tickets can be printed when needed, or in advance, for example 100 tickets printed and distributed to various sales locations.

Combine Free Trial Use with Paid Faster Access

HotSpot Billing software helps you offer free trial Internet access and convert your customers into paid subscribers. Entire process is automated, and follows the rules you specify: duration of the free trial, number of logins per day, available bandwidth quota, download and upload rate, time of day when free access is available, and much more. Once the customer is satisfied, he can sign-up for the higher level account without restrictions.

Powerful API helps you integrate with third-party applications

Integrate Antamedia’s ISP Billing third-party software to control and manage accounts, get statistics and price plans, automate billing for your customers. API commands lets you create, update and delete accounts, login or logout desired account, get account summary, or even pull entire list of active accounts.

Our API is easy to implement using REST HTTP GET query and XML response, and it can be customized per your needs.

Antamedia ISP Billing Features Include:

• Download and upload rate control per account or group• Bandwidth quota control, unlimited or with daily cap• Hardware independent, works with any AP, router and devices• Multiple location support• Secure login, autologin, multilogin, free login• Usage scheduling when an account may login• SMTP redirecting to your mail server, transparent to the user• Block or redirect by website or URL keywords• Configure your currency• Setup different Internet packages with your own pricing• Customer data collection• HotSpot activity log• Employee accounts, admin, manager and operator• Automatic E-mail notificationsand much more features, all backed up with a free tech support.

Get Real-time Statistics and Usage Reports

Antamedia ISP Billing software tracks and logs customer usage, signups, employee activity and provides statistics and usage reports. It helps you track your revenue,  overall bandwidth consumption, customer activity during the day, so you can better plan your marketing strategy. Software logs each customer session with username, IP, MAC, date and time, and URL address, so you can be sure you’re fully compliant with anti-terrorism EU DIRECTIVE 2006/24/EC and Italy Pisanu Law.

Free Remote Setup

If you need initial help installing our software, please contact our tech support for assistance. We’ll remotely connect to your computer, install and configure HotSpot software for your Hotel WiFi Internet. Contact us.

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