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The industry leading software for WiFi HotSpot access control helps you collect guest surveys using iPads, smart phones, laptops.

Collect Guest Surveys to Increase Hotel TripAdvisor Rank

Antamedia Guest Surveys helps your collect reviews from your guests and use it to increase hotel’s TripAdvisor rank. Our system is designed to collect guest opinion when they are the most motivated to give positive review. In addition, it prevents customer dissatisfaction by informing a manager of negative comments or complaints and gives a chance of converting guest experience while the guest is still on hotel grounds.

A 10% increase in a hotel’s online reputation score leads up to a 9% increase in price (ADR), 5% occupancy increase and 14% increase in revenue per available room (RevPar). It’s time to take this seriously !

Collecting Surveys

Guest Surveys can be collected in three ways:
– by Guest Relations manager using a tablet to survey guests on the beach or by the pool
– by using Hotel’s WiFi network – survey is displayed on the login page
– by using Kiosk stations that can be positioned in a different locations – in the lobby or near restaurants

A guest relations manager can use an iPad or Android based tablet to survey the guest. By approaching to the guest on the beach or by the pool, the guest is likely to accept the survey and to give positive review of the hotel service, room amenities and overall satisfaction.

Once the survey is entered, it’s immediately visible on a centralized web application where General manager can check it and take appropriate actions.

If review is positive, it will be marked for a follow-up. When a guest returns home from vacation, our system will send the follow-up email, asking the guest to post review on a TripAdvisor’s Hotel web page. Such email will contain a message that the guest left in a survey, a link to open up TripAdvisor page, and to copy/paste the message.


This system encourages the guest to make a review as it minimizes the effort involved, considering the most guest will be quite busy when they return from vacation. An email also includes a emotional image of the Hotel’s beach, and a preconfigured General Manager follow-up message.

Survey can be also displayed on the WiFi login page allowing each guest to send one or more survey messages. By leveraging existing WiFi network in the hotel, we bring additional messaging method and decrease reception queues and phone calls. This method is suitable for the guests as it can be performed from the leisure places, reception can prioritize tasks, and increase performance. If the hotspot software system is integrated with the Hotel’s PMS (Propery Management Software), guest can be asked to enter the name and room number, which will decrease spam messages.

Increasing TripAdvisor Rank is essential today for any restaurant, hotel, resort, and hospitality venue. Call us to get your rank boosted.

How Does it Work ?


Hotel Guest completes survey using an iPad or Android based tablet or smartphone


Hotel Manager reviews all surveys and select positive reviews for a follow-up and takes care of the negative reviews to satisfy the guests


When the guest returns home, system sends a follow-up Email asking the guest to post review to a TripAdvisor

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