HotSpot Software V4

The industry leading software for WiFi HotSpot access and Hospitality HSIA control brings many new features that improves user control and user’s browsing experience on iPads, smart phones, laptops.

HotSpot Software V4 Features

Antamedia HotSpot software is the world’s first HotSpot solution that combines gateway Internet access control and Cloud HotSpot, in all-in-one package without any dependence on third-party Radius servers. It helps you easily build a full featured gateway solution for WISP or hospitality, or install Windows based HotSpot in a cloud that communicates with remote routers. HotSpot V4 brings multiple performance improvements, high stability and many other brand new features.

Cloud HotSpot

Create a cloud HotSpot solution by connecting routers to HotSpot. Routers can be installed in different places like restaurants, retail stores, coffee shops, shopping malls. Routers are using their own Internet connection to provide Internet access to users, and to communicate with HotSpot server in other to authenticate and control usage.

Users are limited by download, upload, time, quota and other login parameters. Each router can have it’s own branded pages and theme by specifying router’s LAN range of IP addresses in the Locations page. Routers are listed with location details, current download, upload, status (online / offline) and last ping. Contact us to discuss your requirements and quote. Includes HotSpot Admin for easy router administration.

Customer Portal

Web self-care application provides customers all of their information and available actions through easy interface.

• Customers can check their account status, assigned price plan, download and upload rates, remaining quota and time, expiration, last usage date and paid invoices
• The same interface help customers check their usage, session time and duration, download and upload, number of sessions, with their IP and MAC. Usage report can be filtered by a desired date range
• Portal helps customers to update personal information, password and credit card details (if used)
• Booster feature helps customers increase bandwidth in a specified time interval and automatically add charges to the customer bill.

Responsive Pages and Simplified Customization of Themes

HotSpot pages and themes which are displayed in the customer browser have been simplified to bring responsive design — the same html code for laptop, tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices. Updated pages scale according to the device screen size and eliminate requirement for separate mobile pages. Included themes can be easily changed by choosing Logo, background, branding and buttons. New Bootstrap theme and page group are based on popular Bootstrap framework, so you can modify exiting themes, or build new themes based on pure html, jQuery or Bootstrap frameworks.

Limit Monthly Bandwidth Quota and Time Usage

Easily configure monthly usage for desired accounts. Limitations can be applied in different ways:

• using the price plans
• configure each account individually
• apply monthly limits to all accounts using Update Accounts

This feature resets quota on the first day of the month

HotSpot Login with Facebook

Facebook based login can be configured as:

• Free access with Facebook login where user is required to post a message to a wall in order to get Internet access.
• Dual login with standard username/password and Facebook login, which also require posting to a wall

All collected names and Emails are added to the HotSpot Email & Data report

Collect Customer Data

Enhanced Collect Customer Data feature. Ability to choose fields that are collected: first and last name, Email, gender, birthday, company, address, city, country, phone, room. There are 3 custom fields that can be renamed. All fields are configurable separately for free access and standard login. Desired fields can be marked as required.

HotSpot Billing (Add-On)

HotSpot Billing is a new add-on module that helps you introduce subscriptions, services, packages, promotions, bandwidth booster, dynamic bandwidth actions and keep track of the customer monthly payments.

• Billing groups helps you define a group of subscribed accounts that will be billed on a specified day. An invoice will be generated and sent to customer email.
• Dynamic bandwidth actions helps you configure rules to enforce fair-use policy, or change default account speed after specified time. For example, if a user download 400 GB from allowed 500 GB, speed can be decreased.
• Services can be used to offer extra time, extra bandwidth, remote support incident (may complement Antamedia Remote Control app), or any other configurable service, billable with a specified base fee, setup fee, and specified time interval (day, week, month, year).
• Packages can include additional services with a plan, and can be offered with a promotional price in a specific time period.

HotSpot Billing add-on can be purchased for any edition.

Integrate HotSpot with Central HotSpot Server (CHS)

Authenticate users in the CHS running remotely on a public IP. Each login attempt is verified in a central database and parameters are passed to a local HotSpot for synchronization. After each user logout, user account is synchronized with a central database. Feature is especially useful for Satellite Internet companies serving ships or remote locations that needs central account management. Administrator can create and manage all accounts on a Central HotSpot Server. Requires Premium edition.

Hotspot New Features and Performance Improvements

  • Significantly improved software performance for hotspots with more than 150 users online
  • Improved database handling for hotspots with more than 10000 accounts
  • HotSpot Click Pro feature which helps increase Trip Advisor rating
  • Automatically send statistics report on hourly, weekly and monthly schedule
  • Support for iOS7 devices
  • Pause inactivity count-down timer when user traffic is detected. Instead of resetting the inactivity time, it will pause current inactivity number until user device is connected to Internet
  • Auto delete expired accounts on hourly, weekly and monthly schedule
  • Generate tickets in HotSpot Operator
  • Improved autologin performance and fixed related bugs
  • API updates and fixes
  • Host whitelist predefined servers automatically updates IPs on specified interval
  • Export of HotSpot pages to hard drive for easier modification, and import from hard drive. Note: use UTF-8 encoding, Notepad++ is good editor for page source
  • Reset account password on logout
  • Account list displays Unlimited word instead of numbers when unlimited option is checked

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