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Medical software

Medical Billing software
Antamedia Medical Billing software is the complete solution for efficient, reliable and modern management of your clinic, hospital or medical practice. It’s all-in-one software with appointment scheduling, electronic patient records, managed care control, billing and profit control, management expenses and detailed reports.
Easy Setup
Windows based with full support
Use any Windows PC to install software. Developed on Windows 7, our software ensures compatibility from XP to latest Windows versions. It’s easy to learn and use and allows quick access to every feature for new and experienced users. Software doesn’t require any proprietary hardware so you can use any standard PC.

Appointment scheduling
Appointment scheduling allows flexible way to define date and time of patient visit, services required, and create new patient record in case of first visit. Different colors represent different state of examination: scheduled appointment, patient check-in, examination in progress, finished examination and check-out.

Reminder is useful for leaving notices to employees, specific person or as a general information to all staff in your institution. Of course, you can use it as reminder for important meetings, ordering supplies, etc.

Electronic Medical Records
Also known as Electronic Patient Records helps storing all patient data (name, address, phone…), performed examinations (reports, pictures…) in electronic form which can be easily searched, edited and achieved. Search can be performed based on various criteria including any patient data (like name, even part of the name), doctor name, date, etc.

Reporting and Statistics
Antamedia Medical software provides various reports in order to better suite your needs. Examination reports can be configured to match desired layout of your institution. Financial reports shows expenses and generated income.

Medical Services
Each institution can define it’s own services with name, category, price, tax, expense, required time. Medical services can be printed in a sorted category list after each price update.

Antamedia Medical Billing Software shows service price in two currencies. For example, software can display price in USD and EUR at the same time.

Medical billing software can be translated to any world language using integrated language translator. It also offers customization of medical terms depending on country of deployment.

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