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Antamedia software manuals

HotSpot Software
Manual covers topics from deployment examples to explanation of the advanced features. Learn now to configure computer and start your own HotSpot.
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9 MB, 105 pages
Kiosk Software
Learn now to configure the Kiosk software and turn your Kiosk or PC to a secure lock-down system, ready to serve your customers.
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5 MB, 36 pages
Internet Cafe Software
Manual helps you quickly configure the features the way your business works. It covers topics from pricing to remote clients with easy cloud deployment. Learn about next generation software for game centers, Internet cafes, schools, libraries, telecenters…
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12 MB, 130 pages
Print Manager
Manual covers Print Manager configuration, creating user accounts and groups, statistics, and other features. Learn now to install it and cut costs on the print expenses.
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5 MB, 53 pages
Bandwidth Manager
Manual covers topics from network configuration, sharing Internet connection, creating user profiles and limitations, URL tracking and restricting, statistics and more.
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9 MB, 31 pages
Point of Sale Software
Manual explains how to configure items and categories, customers, vendors, payment methods, track inventory, get reports, statistics and more.
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12 MB, 40 pages